Who are we?

WebcomicsFeed is an online comic publishing platform for independent webcomic creators. Our mission is to empower independent comic creators by showcasing their work, providing fun tools for engaging with readers and creating an extra revenue source for their comics. Founded in 2021 and based out of Chicago, WebcomicsFeed aims to bring immense value to creators seeking to take their comics to the next level.

Why us?

WebcomicsFeed is uniquely built to bring together specific features that will benefit creators:

  1. Monetization - Cartoonists can now publish and monetize their webcomics all on one platform.
  2. Discoverability - A continuous feed page layout which makes for a fun way to discover comics and keep readers engaged with comic updates.
  3. Optimization - This publishing platform is optimized for all devices (mobile, tablets, laptops, and desktops)
  4. Social Engagement - Readers can subscribe to their favorite comic feeds, giving them the ability to keep up to date with their favorite comics. Fans can also “like” individual comic updates, create a profile page and follow other profile pages.
  5. Promotion - We implement a variety of promotion tools to help creators grow their audience.
  6. Shareability - Each creator can create a unique, shareable, profile page featuring all their comic titles(each having a unique page) thus optimizing visibility and social engagement.
  7. Scheduling - Comic posts can be scheduled ahead of time. This saves creators the trouble of having to login and post every day an update needs to go up.

Upcoming features include:

  • Paywall feature
  • Analytics
  • Commenting/Messaging system
  • Blogging feature

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  2. Add your comic.
  3. Prepare the images for your first comic update. If you wish, you can create both a desktop version and mobile version of the comic.
  4. Publish your update.
  5. Monetize your webcomic.

From the founder


Hey there, Brian here. I am the Founder of WebcomicsFeed our new webcomics publishing platform. Comics have always held a special place in my heart. Tintin, Asterix and Mad Magazine were some of my favorite means of escape growing up. Ever since then, I have been in awe of the comic medium's unique ability to connect with readers from all walks of life across cultural, demographic and geographical boundaries. With WebcomicsFeed, I hope to, in some small way, contribute to the evangelization of an art form I truly love!