First off, let me take this opportunity to thank all the cartoonists who have  been joining WebcomicsFeed. My hope is to build a platform that will empower cartoonists  with the ability to monetize their webcomics while growing an audience.

It’s to that end I am happy to announce the first of many monetization features added to WebcomicsFeed! Creators on our platform can now give their fans the ability to either make one-time payments(donations) or recurring subscription payments to support their comics.

You can see the support page for a creator's account in action here.

What is required?

Creators will have to have a Stripe account setup. You can find more details on Stripe here

How much will it cost?

FREE for your first 50 members. As your community continues to grow, you can upgrade to one of the other tier plans according to your needs.

What do I gain as a creator?

  • Ability to gain income from your readers either through one-time payments or recurring payments
  • Ability to setup as many membership tiers (with special benefits) as you want.
  • ZERO commission fees. ZERO processing fees. ZERO application fees. No complicated fee structure to figure out. All you will be paying on your end are the transaction fees charged by Stripe (2.9% + 30¢).
  • Instant payouts to your Stripe account.
  • Ability to view all payment transactions from your Stripe account.

Will I have to pay to post comics on WebcomicsFeed?

No. publishing comics to WebcomicsFeed will always be free.

What’s next from WebcomicsFeed?

Here are the upcoming features that I will be working on:

  • Blog section for creators
  • Content paywall feature (for exclusive offers for your readers).
  • Page analytics for creator pages
  • Private message feature for interacting with fans.
  • A commenting system.

You can keep track of my work progress here.

I need your help!

WebcomicsFeed is a one-man operation. So, I need as much help as I can get from you in spreading the word about the platform to your friends. Also please feel free to send me any suggestions you may have in terms of features you would like to see added or to let me know if any bugs show up. Every bit helps!